First Look, Can’t decide Whether or not to have one?

June 22, 2016

Let’s face it. Everyone has their reasons to have or not to have a first look. I wanted to write up this post and have been thinking of doing so for some time now. There are benefits to having one but also some pretty awesome alternatives, some you may not have even thought about!

The First Look

Let’s start with the traditional first look. This provides a special opportunity for you as the bride and groom to be together, talk and catch up since you have been separated all morning. I like to transition the first look into a mini photo session afterwords. A great time for some detail shots of you before the day starts wilting your flowers or smudging your makeup.

Perhaps you are just too excited to see each other or want to alleviate some timeline stress for the day. Well, you can pretty much guarantee you are going to get some beautiful images out of a first look!

“The first look was one of the few moments we had completely to ourselves. It washed away our nervous feelings, and reminded us to take it all in and enjoy every minute of our day!” – Claire Stencil (pictured below)

Dad, Daughter first look (If you want to stick to tradition)

Substitute your dad in instead of your groom for that first look moment. This is sure to be a tear jerker and you’ll have precious photos to cherish forever.


The first talk (and touch)

So if you are dying to at least have some contact with your soon to be bride/groom but at the same time are totally against the first look, try this alternative!

There are several sweet ways to do it, a few examples being hiding behind a wall or closing your eyes and just holding hands. Whatever you choose, it is guaranteed to be a special moment and just add to the anticipation of walking down the aisle!

Traditional, walk down the isle.

There isn’t much more exciting than capturing the anticipation and emotions of a couple walking down the aisle, particularly those that haven’t seen each other yet.

The excitement that you can capture on everyones faces can’t help but make you smile when you are looking at the images.

This is obviously the most traditional and still the most popular option on a wedding day. But with all the fresh new ways to approach your first look moments, I hope I have provided you with enough fun ideas to encourage a healthy discussion with your significant other to see which option is perfect for you on your big day.