Green Bay Beach Wedding on Private Estate On The Bay

September 8, 2015

The Wedding

Brett and Katlyn live in Arizona and had the great idea to get married back home to have a Green Bay Beach Wedding at Katlyn’s parents home on the bay. These weddings are always my favorite. Such a small but intimate location. Not to mention how unique it is. Everything was outside on their wedding day, including the reception and dance. Even Katlyn’s dress was unique. She scrapped the traditional white dress and went with a fabulous champaign tinted dress.  The dance was possibly my favorite I had photographed. They had lights strung all over the back yard, fireworks going off from nearby neighbors and a fire on the beach for the guests to make smores from an amazing smores bar that was set up during the dance.

The Venue

A Green Bay Beach Wedding was the perfect venue for their wedding. Katalyn’s parents owned a house just outside of Green Bay. The house was right on the Bay so amazing views all day, especially during sunset. It was a lot of fun watching the wedding party setting up for the day and somehow the Bride and Groom not seeing each other until the ceremony! The house was tucked back in the woods and you traveled on a 1 lane road curving through the forest before opening up to their house and several others on the bay.

The Reception

The tables were cleared, an outside bar set up along with a fantastic smores bar. The DJ set the dance floor up and soon it was night and everything was dimly lit by the overhead string lights. During the dance a neighbor started launching off fireworks which made the whole scene that much more magical. It is one of those perfect scenes you could have the opportunity to photograph all the time.

Green Bay Beach Wedding Photos