Carbon Copy Studios is no more… Well the name.

October 29, 2016

No no no. I am not “throwing in the hat” … Rather changing how the hat looks and what the message is.

Easiest way to say it, Carbon Copy Studios is old, I’ve out grown it, it stands and stood basically for a company that I haven’t been for a long time.

My twin brother, Evan, and myself started Carbon Copy when we were fresh in college. Big dreams, plans to do all this amazing stuff involving; graphic design, photography, you name it we were going to add it.

Lets fast forward a few years later…

I primarily only photograph weddings and couples. I am no “studio” nor am I apart of a company. It is jus tme. I am the photographer I am the business I am Eric…. This has brought me to introduce my new brand. Eric M Schwanke.

I commissioned one of the best artists out there, The Wells Makery, to dream up this amazing new look for myself and it is totally on point. I sat and thought one day, who am I? What is my brand? Than it hit me. It all stemmed from a text I got when a photographer friend of mine basically summed me up perfectly. They said…

“I just think you are such a brand already. A little bundle of humor wrapped up in a bow tie. Who appreciates a beautiful image. But who is technically savvy and a hard worker.”

I was like whooaaa, you’re totally right! I love bow ties, I think I am pretty darn funny but at the end of the day It is my business and I am a business man.

So behold! Eric M Schwanke is who I am going forward. I have coined a new term with this change also, Organic Wedding Photography. I have wrote more on this in my Photography Style page but here is a snippet what that means;

“organic” describes something natural, real, and unaltered and this perfectly expresses my approach to photography. I create with a documentary approach and a fine art style.

Thanks so much everyone and so excited to finally make this change!

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