HI I'm Eric

Get to know me.

I’ve been an artist in some way, shape or form my entire life. This has transformed from a musician to graphic designer than all swirling into the life of a photographer. Photography is very natural to me. It is an art in my life that doesn’t take much thought and I feel as if my body really takes over and captures what my mind sees. I have spent years perfecting my photography style which has been described as; Organic, Real, and Authentic. I want timeless “In Love” images that you would be proud to show your family in 50 years.


about me

I am a proud daddy of a 2 year old boy named Ellis and 6 year old princess Grace and a rescue springer spaniel, Gatsby. I have an identical twin, plus 7 other brothers and sisters, and our family is continually growing as I married the love of my life Carrie, so brides I know the pain that goes into the planning process!

On any given day you will find me listening to my record collection, drinking a cold Wisconsin brewed beer or watching any of the Harry Potter movies. I have 4 man crushes I am absolutely okay with admitting, Leo Dicaprio, Justin Timberlake, Chip Gaines and Mason Crosby my favorite player for the Green Bay Packers. I am a geek in every sense of the word and I am proud of that!

here are a few of


I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. The books, the movies, visiting the Wizarding World in Orlando. I can't get enough of it. Just remember "you're a wizard Harry!"

- Harry Potter

I love craft beer from local breweries around Wisconsin. Especially in Green Bay we have a lot of delicious beer!

- Wisconsin Beer

I try to get to Disney World at least once if not twice a year. I am like a little kid and cannot get enough of visiting the parks!

- Disney

I couldn't tell you the last time I purchased a CD. I have been purchasing every new (and old) record that I want on Vinyl.

- Vinyl Records

I try to have family over every weekend and play a game of Clue. I would say it is my favorite board game. Even though to this day, I have only won once.

- Clue