A Photographers Bag

May 25, 2016

carbon copy studios camera bag

I started photography in 2010 second shooting weddings than quickly whirlwind to my own Wedding business. At first I started as solely a digital shooter for the first few years. In 2013 I started incorporating more and more film into my work and now is a big piece of my identity as a Wedding and Portrait photographer.

My Digital Gear-

I use the Canon 6D as my main camera body, my bag only has 2 lenses I ever use during a shoot. The Canon 85 1.2II and Sigma 35 1.4 Art. About 60% of the day consist of using the 35mm lens. It makes for easy documenting of a day and running around getting the candid shots. As for the portraits. That is all 85mm. The way it can capture someone and just smooth out the scenery in the background is surreal.

The Film Gear-

My main film body is a Pentax 645 Nii. I used the illustrious Contax 645 for the first few years, the only thing I miss is the Zeiss 80mm lens. The Pentax in every other way takes nearly the same photos and this camera is a TANK! I also use a Canon EOS 1V 35mm. The greatest part of this camera is its set up almost identical to the 6D and all the lenses are interchangeable. As for film, It is Fuji 400h 120 and 35mm all day every day. Love the colors and feel it produces in bright light situations. Totally the look and feel I strive for in my digital photos and film helps the editing process to match the look I want.